Skylanders SuperChargers: Blastertron Concept Art

By now, everyone knows the next phase in the Skylander series will be Skylander SuperChargers. Details have been slowly leaking out but while we wait,  we decided to sit down and put together our own Blastertron concept art.

The first thing Power Boy created was the Blaster Rover MK-1. This ground vehicle used by Blastertron and packs quick a punch. In the front is a cannon and has a force field to protect the top. The vehicle is quite fast but as a result, it can be difficult to control.

The next vehicle we designed for our Blastertron concept art is the Blastertron Subarctica. This water vehicle was primarily used to explore the frigid Arctic waters. It comes with a rocket cannon with medium range on it. Just like the previous vehicle, this one is speedy but again can be hard to control even for the most experienced gamer.

The final vehicle we have from our Blastertron concept art is the Blastertron Galaxy Drone. This UFO shaped vehicle is primary used for space exploration. As a result, they have limited weapons with a cannon on either side. The problem with this is they are stationary and will require you to turn the vehicle to follow your target.

There you go, while these may not be perfect, we feel it could help push things in the right direction if Blastertron returned for Skylanders SuperChargers.

Do you have any ideas on Blastertron concept art?

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