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Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Announced

We all knew it was coming and Activision officially announced the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition was available for pre-order.

We have seen this in the past with the Skylanders series, Swap Force and Trap Masters so there was a good chance we were going to see it this time around.

The first time around the set was unique and hard to get since it was only available through Game Stop. Things changed during Trap Masters and most retailers had accessed to the Dark Edition.

If you make the decision to go with the set this time around, here is what you will be getting for your $99 plus tax.

Dark Spitfire

Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf

Dark Hot Streak

Dark Sea Shadow

Kaos Trophy

and a special Dark Edition poster.

Right now, Skylanders Super Chargers Dark Edition will be available for the following systems.

Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, & Nintendo Wii U.

There does not appear to be any plans to make a Skylanders SuperChargers for the Wii or the 3Ds. You can pick up this set at the typical retailers, Target, Toys’r’Us, Target, Amazon, & Gamestop.

Also right now none of the stores selling the pre-orders have said if there will be any bonuses you get by buying a pre-order. We are going to hold out until September to make our decision.

In the end, we are still on the fence. Power Boy wants the special edition Bower figure but he does love his Skylander Dark Edition sets. I think Bowser will win out when we finally make the decision.

Are you going to spend the extra money and pick up the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition or go with the basic edition?

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