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Skylanders SuperChargers Is Not the Best Game in the Series

We have played the newest game by Activision over the last week and felt the need to share, Skylander SuperCharges is not the best game in the series.

The decision was made to hold off on offering a review of the game until we had some considerable playing time under our belt.

We did some extensive testing with our Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition along with Frightful Fiesta and Steel Plated Smash Hit.  Now we feel ready to share our thoughts on the newest game from Activision.

Positives of SuperChargers

The addition of vehicles – We were leery of this concept at first but the more we played it, the more we dug the vehicles, especially customizing them. But there is a downside to them that will be discussed later.

Uniqueness of the levels – They did take some steps forward in changing up the game play. One of those was the Mr. Moneybones level where you end up in moving a variety of directions outside the normal realm. It was disconcerting at first, but the more we played, the more enjoyable it became.

New Villains / Final Boss – We dug seeing villains like Moneybones enter the game as one of the minor bosses.  Also we like seeing the final boss being someone different than Kaos.

Negatives of SuperChargers

The limited number of characters – This time around, the cast of Skylanders figures was cut in half to accommodate the addition of pairing vehicles. It appears to be a decision based on money and it can in turn bit them in the rear.

Previous Characters/Traps Lost – While we can play previous characters in the game, we have no way of getting the pair up with vehicles. And traps only give Skystones now? We feel bad for those who went out and purchased all of the traps.

Quantity of Cut Screens Increased?? – Maybe it is just us, but for some reason there appears to be an increase in cut scenes to the NPC in the game. While some of it seemed relevant to the story, other times it felt like they were stringing us along.

So-So Characters – Normally Activision has given us some memorable new characters with every game in the series. We feel they missed the boat on this one and might have been hurt by having less characters to work with.

While there are some flaws in the game, we still have a decent time playing it and probably puts this game somewhere in the middle of the series.

If you are a fan of the series and have the extra money, you could pick it up. Otherwise, this might be something to pass one.

If you feel differently, let us know why we are wrong for saying Skylanders SuperChargers is not the best game in the franchise?

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