Skylanders SuperChargers Target Exclusive Nitro Stealth Stinger

Not to be outdone by the other retailers, Target is unleashing their Skylander SuperCharger vehicle variant Nitro Stealth Stinger.

This is the first vehicle we will get a crack at aside from the Dark Sea Shadow which will come with the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Editions.

The vehicle is linked to Stealth Elf who has been around since the creation of the game. The sneaky Elf continues her adventures in the new game, but this time she takes to the air.

We have enjoyed the Target Nitro variants from the past but might end up passing on this one.

If you want to grab this Skylander Variant vehicle, head over to Target where you can pre-order it for $14.99.

Are you going to grab the first vehicle variant or pass on the Nitro Stealth Stinger?

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