Skylanders SuperChargers Toys’R’Us Exclusive Legendary Hurricane JetVac

We have seen Legendary Skylanders in the past and we get more this time around with the Toys’R’Us Exclusive Legendary Hurricane Jet Vac.

In the past we have been a fan of what Toys’R’Us has released in conjunction with Skylanders, but this time around we are not feeling it.

Part of the reason is we have already seen JetVac in Legendary form from Skylanders Giants.

We would have rather seen them go in a different direction and give fans something new.

If you are going to collect the Legendary Skylander SupeerChargers, make sure to head over to Toys’R’Us to pre-order it for only $12.99.

If you are like us and have decided to pass on this Legendary Hurricane JetVac, who would you rather have seen in this role?

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