Smack’em Weapons are Ready for Battle

Smack’em Swords

When we visits our friends in Illinois last year, they showed us the coolest thing. They had foam covered swords that we were able to use in our Epic battles and they did not hurt like Nerf swords.

We just had to copy the idea.

What you see here is our second go around.We made some basic swords when we go home, but Power Boy and I decided to add to our collection and for the neighborhood kids.

We added a few more swords, including one with a hilt per the request of Power Boy.

Smack’em Battle Axe & Darth Maul’s Light Saber

In the second picture, you will find our versions of the Darth Maul’s light saber and a Battle Axe.

These are simple to make, all you need is 1/2″ pvc pipe, the pool noodles, any variety of duct tape and some imagination. As an added feature, you can place pantyhose over the foam and under the tape so it doesn’t tear too much.

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