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Solo: A Star Wars Movie Flutters To The End


It is hard to imagine this was the beginning of it for our favorite smuggler.

Solo: A Star Wars movie opened this past weekend and the high hopes we had for our favorite smuggler turned out to be too lofty.

Perhaps it was because of what we thought of Rogue One or even the more recent The Last Jedi. Or maybe it was because we expect Lucasfilms/Disney to churn out better than average films.

The movie was meant to give fans more insight into the smuggler’s history and show us how he became the one we know and love.

On to our review of Solo.

There are some positives with the movie. First of, Glover did a bang-up role of Lando. Even though he is taking on a secondary role, you could easily seem him taking over the movie.  As for those who think he should have his own movie, there is enough here to keep us happy.

The relationship between Han and Chewie. It was great to see how these two met and how they interacted during the earlier years. It helps to build up what kind of relationship they had.

Now on to the negatives.

Han Solo has always been a unique character onto his own. Some even may say the smuggler is right behind Darth Vader in terms of being a fan favorite. Despite all of this cache, The younger version of Han does not live up to the potential. There does not feel like there is a true connection between his younger self and the ones we all know.

L3 was okay in terms of a droid but lately it feels like the directors are putting a lot on the line when it comes to using the droids. The droid was used right in Rogue One. Here it felt like they went back to the well too many times.

In the end, this movie ranks near the bottom of our list for recent movies from the Star Wars universe. We would not blame you if you decided to pass on this movie and wait until you find it on cable.

Let us know what you thought of the Star Wars spinoff movie, Solo.

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