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Spectre Review: James Bond Still Going Strong

James Bond graced his presence on the big screen this weekend and Power Boy and I wanted to share wit you our Spectre review.

The 007 franchise has been going through a revival in recent years thanks to the newest version performed by Daniel Craig.

This change has brought in new fans like Power Boy and even garnered support from fans of Sean Connery or Roger Moore, who I grew up on.

But no mater who you prefer playing as the man with a license to kill, it is hard to go wrong with a Bond movie.

On to our Spectre review and we will do our best to keep it spoiler free.

The movie starts out with an exciting open scene on the Day of the Dead in Mexico and never lets up. When the action dips, the drama picks up with the cast of characters.

The movie does a great job of tying in all of the Daniel Craig movies with the main villain, the head of Spectre. While we did like the all encompassing story line, we felt a bit let down with the final showdown.

Our favorite villain was Hinx, played by David Bautista. The man does make an imposing presence on the big screen even when he only says one word through the entire movie. We only wish his end would have been prolonged.

On the downside, there are some questions with what Bond does throughout the movie. Some of the moves he makes appear to be rookie mistakes, something you think he would be well past at this point.

As for the deeper look into the psychological makeup of Bond, the background does a decent job of explaining some of it, but I feel there are still some loose ends

To bring our Spectre review to a close, if you are a fan of the series, you will want to catch the movie on the big screen. If you are not a fan yet, this movie has a chance to make you one. We can’t wait until the 25th James Bond movie.

On a sidenote, sorry for the plain Spectre image, we flaked on taking a picture with Power Boy by the movie poster.

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