Spider-Gwen ARTFX Statue Revealed by Kotobukiya

Spider-Gwen ARTFX

Spider-Gwen has grown into a fan favorite and Kotobukiya knows the perfect way to represent her.

The same company who has brought you Ultimate Spider-man and the Amazing Spider-man has released images of their Spider-Gwen ARTFX statue.

The figure will be 1/10th scale and will stand 3.5 inches tall. To help with the stability on her feet, Kotobukiya included magnets inside.

Of the ARTFX statues we have seen for the Spiderverse, we have to admit this one is right up there.

Maybe it is the different color scheme or the position Spider-Gwen is in. Either way this is right near the top, right behind the Amazing Spider-man.

Here are a few more images of the Spider-Gwen statue courtesy of Kotobukiya.

Spider-Gwen ARTFXspider-gwen-artfx-3You can pre-order the statue at Kotobukiya for $64.99.


The item will be shipped during April 2017.


Let us know what you think of the Spider-Gwen ARTFX statue from the Spider-man series.

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