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Spider-man Far From Home: The Icing on the Cake

Spider-man Far From Home

We have one word, E.D.I.T.H.

Marvel closes out Phase 3 with Spider-man Far From Home while Peter Parker may appear to be the heir apparent to take the lead in the MCU.

Most fans are still over coming the results of Endgame and were not sure what was going to happen when we saw Mysterio and Spider-man go head to head in Far From Home.

We will keep this movie spoiler free since we do not like ruining things.

Let’s kick off our review of Spider-man Far From Home with the positives.

The pacing of the movie. Some people may the movie starts off slow but this makes sense on the ride Endgame took us on. Things pickup as the movies goes on and by the end of it, you are left holding your chest.

The plot of the movie mirrors another favorite Marvel movie of ours but with little differences in them. We feel this was a smart direction to take.

The ;last thing we wanted to discuss is the character development of Parker. We have loved the role Tom Holland has made his own and how we have seen Parker grow through the movie world. He has earned the top spot for the best Spider-man in our world.

On to the negatives of Spider-man Far From Home.

At first we would have said how certain characters were portrayed in the movie. Things got cleared up by the end and it all fell into place.

Outside of that, there was not much we did not like about the movie. The only other thing we have to say was the inability to showcase Mysterio has a hero.

We don’t mean how they did it in the movie, which worked in our mind. We really enjoyed his portrayal. The issue was how he was being portrayed in the trailers. The casual Spider-man fan knows his background but there were a good majority who did not.

Overall, whether you are a fan of Marvel or just Spider-man, then you need to see this movie. It serves as the perfect way to close out Phase 3 and seeing it on the big screen brings the action scenes even more pop.

On a side-note, this is one of those movies we would consider seeing twice in theaters.

Let us know what you think of Spider-man Far From Home.

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