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Spider-man Homecoming Review: Our Favorite Web Head

Spider-man Homecoming Review

Did the collaboration of Sony & Marvel give the web crawler justice or did they squander away the character?

This movie had high hopes for us and fans around the world, but you could find out if it delivered with our Spider-man Homecoming review.

Ever since Marvel has been on a streak of creating their cinematic universe, fans have been craving a movie to bring the web crawler home. Sure he is not back in the house completely but there is enough to give us hope.

The movie centers around Peter Parker after the airport battle scene where he sided with Tony Stark’s team. He is left to being the friendly neighborhood Spider-man and deal with low level crimes. This changes when he stumbles across the Vulture and his crew selling alien hybrid weapons.

Our Spider-man Homecoming review is spoiler free for major plot lines.


  • Holland is perfect for the role of Spider-man. We all knew this from Civil War, but still to see him in his movie, it seals it. We loved the film by Peter Parker to tie in the events.
  • The Vulture, while not the original incarnation, was a solid villain and one of the better Marvel ones. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.
  • The story is complex but lacks any unnecessary filler, like a origins background. This was a welcomed changed as opposed to what reboots do of hero franchises.
  • The second post credit scene is hands down one of the best we have seen in the Marvel universe.


  • We did like the main villain but we thought there could have been better use of the Shocker. We liked the interactions he had with Spider-man and would have liked to see more instead of a watered down version.
  • The portrayal of Aunt May is a good one, but sexualizing her more seems unnecessary. It is not a real complaint but rather just an annoyance

We are halfway through 2017 and have seen our fair share of movies we were waiting for. This newest incarnation of Spider-man has the chance to make a run for top movie of 2017. There is some still competition with Logan and LEGO Batman so we shall see what the end of the year brings us.

This is a movie you should see in the theater as the big screen does bring more to the table. You can be sure we will be picking up the DVD when it comes out.

If you already saw the movie, share with us your own Spider-man Homecoming review.

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