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Spider-man Into the Spiderverse Is More Than a Spider-man movie

Spider-man Into the Spiderverse

This movie reminds us why Peter Parker / Spider-man is one of the all-time characters.

Sony had us concerned when they announced Spider-man Into the Spiderverse but it turns out we need to apologize to them.

The movie follows Miles Morales who is thrust into the role of Spider-man through a series of events. Before he knows it, he is joining forces with ones from alternate universes as he takes on the Kingpin.

Spider-man is a character who near and dear to my heart. He was the one I connected with growing up and the one I shared the love with JG13 Gamer.

With that being said, on to our review of Spider-man Into the Spiderverse

The various versions of Spider-man were nice but our Peter Parker and Miles Morales stole the show for different reasons.

Parker reminded us sometimes we need to take a leap of faith and we can not wait for it to happen.

Morales was great based on the relationships he had and or developed throughout the movie. Especially the one with his Dad and Uncle.

No spoilers, but we do see several character die during the movie. They are needed to move the story forward but it still hits you.

They did a great job of making he story more than just a hero movie or a comic book movie.

They amazing animation sold it and kept you glued to the screen. We loved the designs of the characters, especially the Kingpin.

We loved the Stan Lee cameo which happened at a pivotal part in the movie. Don’t miss out on a awesome post credit scene.

When it comes to negatives, we had a hard time finding something that distracted from the movie.

Sure you could say maybe it was the number of villains, like the Scorpion, Tombstone to name a few. But honestly they needed them to balance out the number of Spider-man versions.

The only other negative we could think of is we wish they would have come out with this movie sooner.

Hands down, this is a movie you need to see. Heck even more than once. On a side note, if you have the chance to pick up the soundtrack, make sure to grab it.

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