Spider-Man No Way Home Review

Spider-Man No Way Home Review

What this an amazing and spectacular Spider-Man movie?

The hype machine for Spider-Man No Way Home was strong, but was there enough meat in the movie to make it worth the wait?

Heavens yes. 

Shang-Chi had the top spot for our favorite movie of the year, but we knew it would change.

Where we prepared for the third Spider-Man movie? We thought so, but we were wrong.

We will keep spoilers to a minimum.

Holland continues to do what is needed as the Web Crawler. He brings his A game again and finds a way to draw you into the movie. You feel his joy and his pain.

The actions scenes were top notch and we felt exhausted after seeing Spider-Man battle.

Speaking of battles, we love how the villains were brought into the fold and the direction the movie took. It shows there is always another option if you try.

There is a few deaths in the movie an while they are to be expected, they still pack an emotional punch. We love the direction they took and it shows why the Spider-Man character is still one of the best Marvel has to offer. 

The one drawback we saw was some of the lesser villains did not receive enough screen time. But that can be expected.

In the end, this is an amazing and spectacular Spider-Man movie.  They found a way to combine the best pets of the character we have seen on screen over the years.

Thank Sony for letting Marvel have their hand in helping with this trilogy. We are not sure it would have turned out the same.

Let us know what you thoughts are on Spider-Man No Way Home?

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