Spin Masters has Great Customer Service

Havoc Heli

Power Boy received a Havoc Heli for Christmas and has enjoyed it so far. A few weeks backs, we decided to take it outside in the nice weather and see what we could do.

Well, we found out the hard way that it was not meant to be outside when we snapped off a side from the top rotor blade.

So I contacted the customer service department at Spin Master to see if we could order a part.

We were sad to find out that we could not order any parts. But instead of leaving us in a lurch, the representative helped us when he said the Havoc Heli was still under the 90 day warranty.

So instead of a simple blade replacement, they are going to send us a brand new replacement along with the friendly reminder that this is meant to be an inside toy.

After this should of great customer service, we would have no problem selecting one of their toys in the future and recommending them to anyone we know.

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