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Spirit Halloween Selling FNAF Costumes

FNAF Costumes

Five Nights At Freddy’s continues to pick up steam as more and more merchandise moves into the mainstream, including one of our favorite holidays.

This Halloween, thanks to Spirit Halloween, fans can dress up in one of these FNAF costumes and scare the ever living daylights out of the kids on their block.

If you are not sure what Five Nights at Freddy’s is, it centers around you working as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, a spinoff of Chucky Cheese. The problem is the animatronics come to life at night and are looking for their next victim.

If you want to see some of the creepy gameplay take a moment to do a search on YouTube or ask your son or daughter to show you.

As for the choices offered by Spirit Halloween, adults can choose a FNAF costume from eitherĀ  Fazbear, Foxy, Bonnie, or Chica.

FNAF Costumes 1

If you have some younger versions of you running around the house, they may like the Kids Costumes for Foxy or Fazbear.

FNAF Costumes

You can pick up the Kids costumes for $29.99 or the Adult costumes for $44.99. Some of them will be in stores but a few options will only be available online at Spirit Halloween.

While these are costumes we are going to probably pass on, we do love how they look and stay true to the creepy factor of FNAF. Personally, I would lean towards Fazbear or Chica if I had to choose one.

Let us know what you think of these FNAF Costumes and if you would consider picking one up.

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