Squinkies Battle: Ironman Hulkbuster vs. Hulk

One of the primary reasons we picked up this Squinkies pack was because of the several character combinations we could make, specifically this one – Ironman Hulkbuster vs Hulk.

How could you resist not sticking these two in a stadium to find out what would happen. Here is what we think would happen.
Power Boy believes Ironman Hulkbuster would come out as the winner more often than not mainly because of the man behind the suit. He thinks Stark’s intellect, combined with the suit, would give him an edge.

Personally I think Hulk would find a way to win the majority of the fights. While Stark is smart, the Hulk’s strength driven by his rage would be enough to give him the edge.

So in the end, we would have to go with a tie, since it would depend a lot on the situation.

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