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Star Wars The Force Awakens Review: The Force is Strong

The long awaited Star Wars The Force Awakens review is here and with no spoilers.

Before we get into the meat of the review, we wanted to remind everyone we will not give away any key plots to the story

We loved the casting for the new trio of characters; Finn, Rey, Poe, and Klyo. We heard some folks did not like the choice for the last one, but we think it is going to work out considering the direction the story will take.

Fans get to see plenty of nods to the Star Wars franchise and it was good to see the familiar faces on the screen. Even better, it was done in a way where they remain as supporting characters and give way to the new ones.

There is a death in the movie. We will not let on who it is, but it does make sense once the story begins to unfold.

On the downside, we felt let down by some of the newer characters. We thought Captain Phasma would have more of an impact. Maybe her time to shine will be in the sequels.

The movie appears to have some plot holes but it could be there for a reason. They are not enough of a reason to downgrade the movie.

Rumors were circulating what would happen in this long awaited seventh film in the Star Wars universe. Some came true and others did not.

Overall, we were more than pleased with this movie and are looking forward to seeing how it plays out. This movie works well for Star Wars fans or those who are new to the universe.

Let us know what you think with thoughts onĀ  your Star Wars The Force Awakens review.

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