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Star Wars The Last Jedi Review: Taking New Steps Forward

The Last Jedi Review

The latest Star Wars movie had a huge opening weekend but it has not been without it’s issues.

The newest Star Wars movie has been a hot topic over the weekend and we thought it was time to share our own The Last Jedi review.

Some people have been very vocal on their thoughts about the downturn in the movies. We would say it is best to see it yourself and make up your own mind.

Now on to the meat of the Last Jedi review and we will keep it spoiler free.

There were several positives with the latest installment.

This movie had one of the most impressive lightsaber fight scenes in some time. It was well choreographed and was pivotal to moving the plot forward.

We did like how they presented Luke in this movie. It was different from how we are used to seeing him and that is a good thing. It showed how one can change over the course of their life and become a different person.

The movie did deviate some from the previous films in terms of not sticking to the same pattern of action and scenarios. This has upset some fans but we think it was needed to show the movie can go in a different direction.

But the movie was far from perfect.

There was a scene where Princess Leia used the Force in a way we have never seen her use it before. It did catch us off guard and are still scratching our head about it.

The presence of humor in the movie was good but at times it felt like they were using it too much to break up the flow of the movie. To help bring it out of a negative emotions.

Creature creation. One of the things we love Stars for is some of the creatures they come up with. The problem is at times it feels like they are forcing it down our throats. Case in point, it did happen a few times throughout this movie.

Overall, if you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise, then it is worth your time to see it in theater.

Share with us your own The Last Jedi Review if you have already seen it.

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