Storm Collectibles Evil Ryu Coming Soon

Evil Ryu Figure

The demon side ventures out.

The Evil Ryu figure from Street Fighter IV is brought to life b Storm Collectibles and is a worthy add to your collection.

When Storm Collectibles appears that they can not impress us any more, they go and make a new figure that does the trick. This time they delved back into the world of Street Fighter.

The Ryu figure is going to feature the following.

  • 3 Interchanging Head-Sculpts 
  • 4 Interchanging pair of Hands 
  • 1 Hadoken 
  • 5 Evil Effect  

the creators at Storm Collectibles continue to amaze us how they bring video game characters to life. One the most impressive things with this figure is the head sculpts which show a wide range of emotions being experienced by Ryu.

Though the figure does not come with some of the amazing special effects given to the Mortal Kombat characters, these are still impressive. 

We feel this is a definite must have if you are a huge fan of the Street Fighter series. 

You can pick up Evil Ryu from Storm Collectibles for $85.00 and expect to see him at your door around the third quarter of 2021.

Would you consider picking up the Evil Ryu Figure by Storm Collectibles?

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