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Storm Collectibles Is Releasing Death Adder Figure

Death Adder

Golden Axe’s main antagonist comes to life thanks to Storm Collectibles.

One of our favorite companies has continued to expand their line by adding Death Adder to their Golden Axe lineup.

Storm Collectibles has continued to up the game when it comes to their action figures. They focus on the finer points of the figure along with adding that special something to make them stand out. Would they be able to keep up the trend?

The addition of this figure to the Golden Axe line makes perfect sense and gives the Skeletons someone to follow. 

The figure will stand just over 10 inches tall, which will help him stand out on your collection shelf. He will come with four sets of hands to help you find the right posture. Last but certainly not least is the impressive axe to strike down his foes.

Here are a couple of images to get a better idea.

This is another stand up job by Storm Collectibles. They created an imposing figure with vibrant colors and enough of the right details to feel like he will start walking at any moment. The detail work on the muscles is  impressive. 

We have been a big fan of the special effects they add to each of the characters they have created. This time around we will have to settle with a large battle axe. We wish there could have been something more to this. 

You can pre-order the figure for $110.00 from Storm Collectibles and expect to have it in your hands around the second quarter of 2021.

Let us know what you think of the Death Adder figure by Storm Collectibles.

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