Storm Collectibles Kintaro Figure Is Spot On

Storm Collectibles Kintaro

Shao Kahn’ personal bodyguard is brought to life.

The Storm Collectibles Kintaro figure is their latest addition to the ever expanding impressive Mortal Kombat lineup.

Sorry if we feel like a broken record when it comes to Storm Collectibles, but they continue to impress us with their Mortal Kombat lineup.

Enough of the fawning, time to see what the Kintaro figure will feature. 

  • 3 Interchanging Head-Sculpts
  • 4 Interchanging Pairs of Hand
  • 1 Fire Ball
  • 2 SubZero’s Iced Arm
  • 7 Damaged Effect


The first thing we noticed is the attention to detail on the figure. The facial sculpt looks solid and the stripes running down his body make it feel like the character is alive.

The most impressive part of this set is the Fatality SFX they add created. The blood spurting effect is a definite eye catcher.

While we enjoy the Mortal Kombat series, this is one we would end up passing on.

But you can add it to your collection December 2021 for $120 by heading over to Storm Collectibles.

What do you think of the Storm Collectibles Kintaro figure?

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