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Storm Collectibles Motaro Looks the Part


Mortal Kombat fans may find this hard to pass up.

Storm Collectibles created the action figure, Motaro, based on the iconic boss from the video game Mortal Kombat 3.

The company that has hooked us with their Raiden and Sub-Zero has done it again for the franchise. This time they selected from the Centaurians race.

The figure will be fully articulated will stand nine inches. The following will be included.  

– 2 Interchanging Head Sculpt

– 3 Pairs of hand

– A Fireball Effect 

– An Articulated Bloody Skeleton Skull Body 

Check out some of the images for the figure.

While Motaro may have not been our first selection from the Mortal Kombat 3 game, but we have to say they did an amazing job.The first thing that stood out to us is the head sculpt and paint job they did on the figure. It feels like he is going to start moving at any moment. We are also impressed with the articulation they were able to put into the character.

The icing on the cake as always is the accessories. The fireball effect and the charred skeleton would make this the perfect addition to any collection. 

Currently the figure will be available the end of 2020 and runs for $110.00 via Storm Collectibles. Though you may have to wait as it appears it is sold out as of this article. 

What do you think of the Motaro figure by Storm Collectibles?

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