Storm Collectibles Paul Phoenix

Say hello to the golden boy of the martial arts world.

Storm Collectibles yanks Paul Phoenix out of the Tekken world, and we think this is the perfect addition to their lineup.

Last time they gave us Devil Jin, and the return trip gives life to the one with the hair and the burning fist.  The figure will feature the following;

  • Three Interchanging Head Sculpts 
  • Four Pairs of Hands
  • Burning Fist Effect 


The sculptors at Storm Collectibles did a good job with their creation. The details are enough to give it a quality feel and standout over typical action figures. The special effect is nice and could be useful when creating a display. 

Some might knock the lack of real clothing for the characters, but we think this would  prove more difficult in the long run.

You can order the figure from Storm Collectibles for $90.00.

Would you consider adding Paul Phoenix to your collection?

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