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Storm Collectibles Reptile Figure

Storm Collectibles Reptile Figure

The master of stealth from Outworld enters kombat.

The Storm Collectibles Reptile figure is another addition to their Mortal Kombat lineup and worth the addition by any fan.

The impressive Storm Collectibles continues with their development of action figures following in the footsteps of Sub-Zero and others.

The Reptile figure will include the following.

  • Reptile Head Sculpt 
  • Black hood
  • 4 interchanging pairs of hand
  • Reptile‚Äôs tongue 
  • Acid spit effect  
  • Forceball effect 


The artists did a good job of bringing Reptile outside of the video games and into the physical world. The coloring is right and the details make the figure feel alive.

The SFX Storm Collectibles included nailed the character. Between the acid spit, tongue, and Forceball, there are plenty of options to use when it comes to creating a scene.

The one drawback we see to this figure is the lack of a fatality SFX. We got to see different ones with other figures created by Storm Collectibles. One solution could have been seeing a non-descript head wrapped up in Reptile’s tongue. Or perhaps an acid pile of leftover.

Either way, it might be the one factor where we do not make the purchase. When the item becomes available, you can order it from Storm Collectibles for $75.00. The expected release date is Q4 of 2021.

Are you going to add the Storm Collectibles Reptile Figure to your Mortal Kombat collection?

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