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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Storm Collectibles Sub-Zero Is Perfect for Any Fan

Storm Collectibles Sub-Zero

Bring home one of the iconic characters from the legendary video game series.

The Storm Collectibles Sub-Zero action figure is the perfect addition to any Mortal Kombat collection by adding just enough of the video game violence.

Ever since we covered their Doomsday figure, we have been scouring the ever growing collection and Sub-Zero caught our eye.

The action figure will be 1:12 scale and have the following features to help bring it to life. 

4 x Pair of Hands
1 x Ice Blast Effect
1 x Ground Ice Effect
1 x Blood Effect
1 x Sub-Zero Fatality Effect

Here are some more images of the Storm Collectibles Sub-Zero figure.

At first glance we were not overall impressed with the figure. The design is solid and the sculpts were detailed but the price seemed a little steep. 

Things changed when we started checking out the various features you could use to pose the figure.

The two favorite features for us are Ice Blast Effect and the Fatality Effect. This adds something unique to the character and will make posturing them even more dramatic. 

If you have the extra money laying around and are a fan of the franchise, we would recommend picking it up.

You can pick up the Sub-Zero figure for $70 and have it in your hands before the winter months are gone in March 2020..

Let us know what you think of the Storm Collectibles Sub-Zero action figure.

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