Storm Collectibles Zangief Figure Arriving

Storm Collectibles Zangief Figure

Everyone’s favorite Russian from Street Fighter is Back

The Storm Collectibles Zangief Figure looks the part and feels like jumped out of the arcade machine and onto your shelf.

Storm Collectibles never appears to rest on their laurels and is always trying to better their product. This figure from Street Fighter is the perfect example.

Zangief will come with the following;

  • Brand New Developed Body and Articulations
  • 4 x Interchanging Head-sculpts 
  • 4 x Interchanging pair of Hands 
  • Green Glove Effect 
  • Fire Ball Effect 


We love the way Storm Collectibles designs their figures and Zangief is no exception. They gave him the right amount of articulation in all of the right places. There is plenty of positions you can set him in and that leads to all kinds of choices.

Any Zangief owner would love pairing it up with the E. Honda figure and see what chaos can ensure. 

Currently the figure is sold out at Storm Collectibles and the MSRP appears to be $99.00

Are you going to keep an eye out for Storm Collectibles Zangief Figure?

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