Success with Skylander Day at Gamestop

Over the weekend, Gamestop had a Skylander Day to help celebrate the game franchise that keeps on going and reinventing itself.

We almost missed out on it had it not been for the email blast they sent out the night before.
One of the better deals they were offering was if you bough one Skylander figure and get one of equal value for free.

Power Boy took advantage of this by picking up Dunebug and Kickoff Countdown. With the $5 in Gamestop reward bucks, he ended up paying $5 for both.

They did offer a pre-order for Gearshift and Skylander Trap Team. The latter gave you a chance to get Windup free, which works out for those people who did not pick up the Windup/Gate pack.

We had heard there was a chance of getting a free Skylander mini from the first game, but they ended up taking that off the table. They did give out a free Skylander Swap Force poster with our purchase.

Overall, it was a fun event and a good way to kick off Saturday morning.

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