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Suicide Squad Review: Could Be Better and Worse

Suicide Squad Review

Though the summer is winding down, the big screen is heating up with the bad guys from the DC Universe.

The long await movie from DC has arrived, do the Worst Heroes Ever can live up to the hype in our Suicide Squad Review?

DC comics is looking to rebound from the disappointing BvS but could there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.

As with other reviews, we will keep it spoiler free. With that out of the way, on towards the Suicide Squad review.


Man are there a bunch of characters in the movie. There are some familiar faces, like the Joker, and some new ones, like Slipknot. The easiest place to begin is with the characters we liked the best.

The nod goes to Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller. Both of these character were wonderfully played. Fans got to see Quinn come to the big screen in a big way. It is hard to root against her, no matter how crazy she may be. Waller was someone I would not want to cross paths with.

El Diablo was a solid surprise and enjoyed watching the character develop throughout the movie. There are some lack luster characters as well.  Boomerang and Deadshot were okay, but it felt like there could have been more. Same for the Killer Croc.

The one we are most perplexed over is the Joker. While he seemed to be an integral part of the story, his appearance to be minimal at best. Our guess is there will be more of him in the deleted scenes for the movie.


The biggest let down we had with this movie was the plot. It was generic at best and at times it felt like they were trying to cram too much into the movie. One example is the amount of character backstory they used. We wished they would have stuck with the same formula for all of the characters and not give certain ones longer intros.

Just like other DC and even Marvel movies, the villains were meh. Eventually one of the big two is going to knock it out of the park with movie villain, who is going to get there first.

We like how they did personalize some of the Suicide Squad members so you had a better idea of who they were but it felt like there could have been more to help develop the plot.


DC is slowly going in the right direction with their movies. We wish they would not try to copy the Marvel formula and beat to their own drum. They might find better success by taking a new route.

The movie had enough good moments to balance out the ones that left us scratching our heads. Whether you are a DC fan or not, it is worth your money to see Suicide Squad in the theater.

Let us know what you thought of the movie and share your own Suicide Squad review.

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