Super 7 They Live Figures Arriving Soon

Thee Live Figures

It would be hard not to OBEY and pick up these figures.

Super 7 paired up with ReAction to create a set of They Live figures that is sure to be a hit with fans of this cult classic movie.

While these may not be on the same page as the Dragonball Z figures, there is something to be said when they are tied to lesser known pop culture events.

Super 7 went the simple route can created iconic yet common place characters form the movie. A Male Ghoul and a Female Ghoul.

Here are a few images of the soon to be released They Live Figures by Super 7.

ReAction figures can be a hit or miss sometimes. This time, we think Super 7 did a great job with the design and it was enough to win us over.

The only thing we would suggest would be to keep them display in the packaging.

You can expect to find these on shelves by October 28th.

Let us know what you think of these They Live Figures by Super 7.

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