Super Deadpool X-Force ArtFx Statue

Super Deadpool X-Force ArtFx Statue

Nothing like a suped up version of Deadpool.

Kotobukiya continues to add to their Marvel line with a Super Deadpool X-Force ArtFx statue, a collectible sure to capture your attention.

Kotobukiya has released a slew of ArtFx statues, like some of our favorites for Captain America Sam Wilson or the classic Deadpool. We had to see what they came up with for their newest creation.

The statue is 1/6th scale and features the hero in his traditional grey color gear from the time spent in X-Force.

This was an exclusive item for the Shanghai CCG event in China. The packaging is the same as the original version with a sticker to indicate the X-Force version.

Here are some images of the Super Deadpool X-Force ArtFx statue. 

The one issue we see right off the bat is the posture and the color scheme. On their own, they are okay, but when you combine it, there are times when we see a lack of detail from the front angle.

The good news is that it can easily b fixed by displaying the collectible on an angle. 

We do like the attention they put into the detail of this statue. Things like the Deadpool logo on the bottom of his shoe. 

This ArtFx statue may not be for everyone, but if you are a diehard fan of the anti-hero, then by no means don’t pass on this one.

You can pick up the Deadpool collectible for $149.99 and add it to your Merc with a Mouth collection. 

Let us know what you think of the Super Deadpool X-Force ArtFx Statue.

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