Super Mario Maker New Items Coming

It is hard not to get excited for the Super Mario Maker new items being released.

The Wii U smash hit will have an update from Nintendo, which is sure to make fans of the game excited.

It will feature a new set of items for players to create their courses and make it more challenging for their friends and families.

Here are the things you will get to experiment with.

  • Fire Koopa Clown Car This vehicle is going to be able to shoot fireballs or use a power charged shot to destroy blocks.
  • P-Warp Doors These warp doors will only be visible when the P Switch is active. The perfect addition to a spooky course.
  • Bumper The donut shaped objects will send Mario flying when he touches them.

Always wanted to see if you had the faster clear time on a certain course? Nintendo will have World Records for each course so players can see who is on top.

Nintendo is going to launch a web portal called Super Mario Maker Bookmark. Players will be able to search for courses to play using either their computer, tablet, or even smart phone via their Nintendo Network ID.

We are extremely excited for this newest addition as it will give more people a chance to experience what Super Mario Maker fans have created. You will be able to search via tags which will make it easier to locate what kind of courses you are looking for.

Don’t forget, the Super Mario Maker New Items will be available on Dec. 21,

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