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Super7 Thundercats Figures May Not Be Worth It

Super7 Thundercats

Thundercats Ho!

The Super7 Thundercats Reaction Figures could be the perfect addition to any collections centered around the 1980’s animated show. 

We have just started taking a look at what Super7 has to offer with their figures. We were intrigued by their They Live lineup. Now it was time to look at a larger set.

The following characters will be part of the Wave 1 set from Super7.

  • Lion-O with Claw Shield and Sword of Omens.
  • Cheetara with her staff. 
  • Panthro with his nunchucks.
  • Mumm-Ra with his sword and dagger.
  • Jackalman with his club.
  • Slithe with his axe.

The longer we look over these figures, the more torn we become. 

They did a solid job with the character selection for this wave. Not only were they able to balance out both sides, they did a good job of who they paired up with Mumm-Ra.  We were concerned they might lean toward givings us more of the Thundercats.

The problem we have with this set is the lack of articulation. When it comes to 3.75″ figures, articulation can go a long way with the appearance of the characters. When they can’t do much in the way of poses, it is hard to consider picking them up. 

Especially when the price for each figure is $18.00.

You can head over to Super7 to grab one or all six of the Thundercats.

What do you think of the Super7 Thundercats action figures?

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