TaleSpin Pop Figures Coming in July

TaleSpin Pop Figures

Baloo and his friends are flying your way.

Funko has ventured back in time again and came back with TaleSpin Pop Figures for the retro kid inside of us from the popular 1990’s cartoon.

The collectible giant has done a decent job with previous Pop Figures, like Scooby Doo or Rick and Morty.

This time, they delved into a cartoon some of us may have grown up on. It features several of the lovable characters from the Jungle Book world.

The following figures are going to be available by the end of the month.

  • Baloo
  • Kit Cloudkicker
  • Shere Khan
  • Rebecca Cunningham
  • Louie with Chase Variant
  • Flocked Baloo (at Target)

Here are some images of the TaleSpin Pop Figures.

The designs for each of the figures feel pretty much spot on, especially in terms of what can be down with Pop Figures.

The choice for the Chase figure is a good one and so is the decision made to make a flocked Baloo.

Are you going to pick up any of the TaleSpin Pop Figures?

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