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Terminator Dark Fate Card Game

Terminator Dark Fate Card Game

Could the card game be better than the movie?

Terminator Dark Fate Card Game created by River Horse caught our attention when we saw Linda Hamilton gracing the cover.

When it comes to card games, they are always going to have our attention. It helped this one is part of the Terminator universe.

Terminator Dark Fate is a co-operative deck building card game in which players work together to try and defeat the unfeeling Rev-9. Players will scramble for resources and weapons so they can fend off the Terminator long enough to find some way to destroy it.

Each time the Rev-9 finds you marks an important decision: you must choose whether you will flee or whether you will fight. Fighting is dangerous, as it allows the Rev-9 to inflict crippling wounds on your deck, but if you flee without doing enough damage, you know that the Rev-9 is waiting just around the corner.


The set comes with the following;

• 182 Fate Cards
• 30 Wound Cards
• 4 Rev-9 Cards
• 4 Character Cards
• 20 Damage Tokens
• Rulebook

The more we read about it, the more we became curious about it. We love the aspect of including 2 to 4 players, 

We like seeing the basics of the game works with you learning how to play. It appears to get harder as the game progresses.

The only downside we could see off the bat is the lack of character cards. We have seen a few others who said the game was a pleasant surprise.  Some have mention luck plays a major role in how well you do.

Even though we have not seen the movie, we are going to see about adding it to our collection.

You can pick the game up for $24.99 at your local retail. Check out River Horse for additional Terminator based games.


Are you going to give the Terminator Dark Fate Card Game a try?

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