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Terraria 1.3 Trailer Analysis


In four fays, Terraria is going to receive a new patch so we wanted to share our thoughts with the 1.3 trailer analysis.

We have been eagerly awaiting this new path with the hopes of new weapons and monsters.

Thanks to Re-Logic on YouTube for the trailer information. Check out the trailer and head down below for our 1.3 trailer analysis.

The trailer opens up with player using a golden butterfly net to catch a golden butterfly. Perhaps a better bait for fishing? Maybe if we could fish up loot crates like the fisherman npc gets.On a side note, check out the hand-like weapon hanging on the weapon rack behind the seagull.

The scene change gives us a look at a temple which has something interesting inside, Medusa’s head. Is this a trophy from fighting her or maybe it turns into a weapon for us to turn our enemies to stone? Interesting note, we see a NPC fighting a bat, which is nice.

Maybe less wandering around and dying to the countless mobs. More of that later, onward with our 1.3 trailer analysis.

Shifting to a garden area, we get a look at some new plants and an alchemy station but boy did you see the dyed pet? Also it looks like we might be getting a plant weapon.

One of the coolest things we see next is a shark mount. It would be cool if the shark could kill mobs in the water for us.

Enter the cultists and the new monsters we will encounter like the Grey Golem and Medusa. The worm enemy looks cool despite it’s large size.

Finally we get to see a new weapon that appears to shoot out a blue orb, reminding us of Ryu’s move.

We are introduced to a flying pirate ship that looks tough based on the lack of damage its body takes. If you look on the left of the ship, you will see a pirate themed trophy.

Then there is the Solar Eclipse which looks downright cool even with Mothorn taking us on. The Goblin invasion does return but not without some needed upgrades.

The night scene gives us a look at the Martian Madness event which seems to have potential.

We will be offered Expert Mode in this 1.3 patch. This should give some of the seasoned players a bigger challenge.

The ancient evil makes it appearance with the head cultist bringing forth a new boss, three versions. Solar Pillar, a purple pillar, and the Lunar Pillar. The game play looks good and see some new mechanics.

Power Boy is excited to see some more new weapons, like the Star’s Wrath. We like the chance to be ale to customize things even more than before.

Don’t forget to check behind the player as you will get a glimpse of some new trophies.

We will have achievements available, which makes sense as most other games have been integrating them.

The last thing we wanted to mention is the introduction of the portal gun which is downright col.

PC gamers, enjoy the new path on 6/30. Mac and Linux will be around shortly followed by console updates.

Is there anything else you think we missed with our 1.3 trailer analysis or is there something you would like to see from the game

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