Terraria Is Coming to Nintendo


In 2016, video game fans can rejoice since the hit game Terraria is coming to Nintendo platform and before their competition, Minecraft.

This is good news for the loyal Nintendo followers who have been stuck in limbo while everyone else had a chance to adventure in either of the two popular games.

While I am sure most would have preferred to see Minecraft instead, it is a big deal Terraria is coming to Nintendo.

Gamers will have a chance to explore a game that does combine some of the elements of Minecraft with its own unique twist.

Power Boy and I play this game on Steam and have enjoyed the change of pace with Terraria, especially since it gives some substance in terms of a story.

This move might be the extra push to Terraria in terms of overtaking Minecraft in terms of popularity.

So is anyone else out there excited that Terraria is coming to Nintendo? Or would you rather see Minecraft instead?

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