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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review

Though the Amazing Spider-man 2 has been in the theaters for a few weeks, we have not been able to see it until this past weekend.

While Magnificent Mom could not make it, Power Boy and I had a chance to see it this past Sunday.

There were some things we liked about the movie and things we didn’t.

For starters, we loved who they continued to portray Spider-man. Between his antics and his fighting skills, they did a great job of continuing to flesh out the character on screen.

We did like some of the directions they took in the movie with regard to the story line, especially when it came to the development of Peter and Gwen’s relationship.

On the downside, at times it felt like too many coincidences too place for the entire story to take place. Like Peter and Gwen both meeting Max, then she finds out he is Electro. Which leads to the security chasing her and meeting Harry Osborn.

Power Boy was also frustrated on how they showed or didn’t show Rhino. Based on the start of the movie, we expected to see the Rhino rampaging about but not just at the end of the movie.

Overall we would give the movie an average rating. Let’;s hope they take note how this sequel did and make the corrections in the future.

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