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The Bad Guys: Glad We Didn’t Miss This One

The Bad Guys

Sometimes being bad is not what it seems.

Dreamworks unveiled The Bad Guys in theaters last week and we are disappointed how out of touch we were. 

The original plan was to check our Morbius, but this movie caught our eye. It felt like a play on the Ocean Eleven movies with a host of interesting characters. 

Things definitely turned out for the best. 

We enjoyed the choices made for the characters. Sure they had some expected types, but the Shark being the Master of Disguise was perfect. The voices felt right from start to finish. 

But let’s not forget about the animation. The visual goal of “The Bad Guys” was “to create images that look handmade and illustrated while still maintaining a sense of physical light and volume.” This approach helped with a stylized approach that keeps the viewer engaged.

As for the negatives about the movie, there wasn’t much.

One thing that did stick out to us was the Anthropomorphism or lack of it. Outside the seven characters, the rest were human. It isn’t a big deal and probably helps the younger kids focus on those characters. It just stuck out to us.

In the end, this is a movie you should see. But it could wait until you can watch it at home. Either way, the movie should have been on our 2022 Must See movies

If you had a chance to see The Bad Guys, let us know what you thought.

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