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The Batman 2 Villains We Should See

Time has come to think outside the box for the next Batman movie.

The Batman 2 Villains should be something fans have not seen on the big screen rather than a retread of previous ones.

The Riddler held his own until the end of the movie, but the moment the Joker was brought in, we felt a knot in our stomach. Some times, it feels like the masses have forgotten the Rogues Gallery Batman has. 

We have not and here is our selection for The Batman 2 Villains.


This villain would fit well within the confines of Batman using detective skills. Maybe Clayface is able to keep ahead of him by altering his appearance. The only problem we see is the focus on a ‘real world’ Batman. Not sure how they could pull this off. Maybe they have someone with a disfigured face and uses a variety of disguises. 


Honestly we thought this was the direction of The Batman movie was going to take until the Riddler showed up.  He would be a perfect fit to test the detective skills and see how far he can push him. The problem would be the lack of flash he might have for the casual fan.


This might be a bit outside the box, but we enjoyed the version of it from the animated series. It could be interesting to see a unique take and how he could foil the Batman. Also there would be enough of an attraction for fans.

In the end, we think either of these suggestion would work better than a rehash of the Joker as the primary focus. We would rather see the Clown Prince as a secondary.

What are the The Batman 2 Villains you would like to show up?

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