The Batman Animated Series Joker ARTFX+ Statue is Perfect

Batman the Animated Series Joker

Mark Hamil made him the Joker come to life and this collectible is a perfect representation.

Kotobukiya has added a third character to their ARTFX+ line, the Batman Animated Series Joker and it is about time.

The Animated series not only gave us one of the best Joker versions, it brought to life Harley Quinn. We were thrilled to hear they were paying homage to this version.

  • Joker comes with three interchangeable face parts depicting his characteristic grin, a sinister plotting expression, and a ticked‐off expression,
  • As a special bonus, two bonus face parts work perfectly for the matching Harley Quinn ARTFX+ statue.

Here are a few more images of the Batman Animated Series Joker.

Kotobukiya did an amazing job with their latest creation for the DC world.

We love the interchangeable faces. Something so simple can make big changes when you are displaying them. It is even better that it can play off the Harley Quinn matching statue.

You can pre-order this great looking collectibles from Kotobukiya for $59.99 and it is expected to be released around September 2018.

What do you think of the Batman Animated Series Joker ARTFX+ statue?

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