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The Batman Review: Worth the Admission

The Dark Knight continues to live on.

The Batman movie saw the return of DC’s top super hero to the big screen and we for one are glad the direction they took.

The movie follows Bruce Wayne in the earlier stages of his vigilante life as Batman as he protects the citizens of Gotham. On to a most spoiler-free review.

This was a decent mystery spread throughout the movie. Certain things about wings dragged on, but we liked how they showed Batman working with the police to solve crimes. It also showed how he is still learning.

Pattison did okay in his role as the Caped Crusader. The ones who did shine were Farrell and Kravtiz stole the show. We hope to see more of them in the follow-up movies.

The action scenes were good and Gotham felt alive.  Some of the filming angles were unique and kept us dialed in throughout. 

Despite the positives, there are a few things that bugged about the movie.

The first two acts of the movie were solid. The last part threw us for a lurch. Not sure why the Riddler turned his focus from the cause behind Gotham’s problems and onto the people who were innocent. Felt like a major shift.

Also, Batman is a jerk. 

We understand he needs to keep the persona, but there is a point. He never even thanks Officer Martinez when he helps Batman by telling him what the murder weapon was.

One last minor gripe is the appearance of the Joker. While he is a great villain, we would prefer if they go a different route. There are plenty in the Rogues Gallery that should have their due.

Overall, this is a good start to our movie viewing in 2022 and we can only hope it goes up.

If you had a chance to see it, share with us your The Batman Review.

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