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The Flash: Dark Flash Theory

What to make of the main villain.

With the villain being shown via various merchandise release, we have started to put together our Dark Flash Theory and what it could mean.

The Dark Flash is an alternate speedster from another timeline. This alternative version of the speedster appeared in 1999. He was the character creation of Mark Waid and Paul Pelletier

While this might make things interesting with a darker version of Barry Allen, we are expecting to see something else based on the images we have seen.

While we do like the original concept of the Dark Flash, we think things are going to take a different route.

This time, we think General Zod will be used again like he was for Doomsday from Batman vs Superman.

We think this time around, Dark Flash will be created by the melding of Zod and the alternative Barry Allen. This is wherein we have the issue.

We are all for one taking some liberties when bringing in new characters, but this would feel as a cheap way to accomplish it. If they were going to truly take this path, they should have it involve one of the Batman versions.

This Dark Flash villain may work out, it may not.

Time will tell if we are on the right path or off the mark.

Do you have thoughts on the Dark Flash Theory for the upcoming movie?

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