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The Funko FNAF Security Breach Leak Is An Issue

Funko FNAF Security Breach

It was a literal security breach. 

It has been two weeks since the Funko FNAF Security Breach leak and found it was time to share our thoughts on what transpired with an unfortunate leak. 

Funko has grown over the years thanks to the popularity of the Pop figures. This has resulted in them starting to branch out to other lines, like action figures. When Funko and FNAF first partnered, it felt like a natural relationship and appeared positive.

Things changed when Funko released images of the figures they created for the new FNAF Security Breach, which resulted in spoiling the appearance of multiple characters and appearances.


FNAF fans spoke up and expressed themselves to what Funko did. To some it ruined the experience of the game by taking away some of the buildup. Also it caused some folks to fail against Funko for the lack of creativity when it came to making the figures.

It got to the point where FNAF’s Scott responsed to the leak.


While this is nice to see a muted public response, we are not sure what could even happen. Contracts have been signed and who knows what both parties agreed too. You would hope there would be some protection in place for the creators, but it doesn’t appear so.

We have seen similar things happen when LEGO has released their sets prior to summer blockbuster movies.

We will never be able to know who this leak affects the sales of FNAF Security Breach because it would be hard to quantify. 

Maybe this will affect who does business with Funko in the future. While this would be a nice thought, we do not see it happen.

The company has made a name for itself in households across the US and it carries a lot of weight.In the end, money tends to talk that most other things. 

Hopefully down the road, creators will give more thought when it comes to licensing their characters to places outside of their normal medium. 

What do you think about the Funko FNAF Security Breach leak?

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