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The Future of Skylanders??

Superchargers was a dent in the franchise and it has to make you wonder about the future of Skylanders.

Fans had high hopes for the fifth installment but were let down for a variety of reasons, which results in less sales and more produce on the shelves.

Everyone has their own issues with the game so we decided to rehash a few from our list.

Vehicles – In theory the vehicles should have been either more diverse or balance. Perhaps in-game vehicles would have been better and left the characters alone.

Partnering with Nintendo – At first, we were excited to see Bowser and Donkey Kong in the game despite the lazy story-line. Soon it showed it’s true colors, just to increase sales for the Nintendo system line.

Less than Stellar Game Play – The boss battles felt more meh and gave the feeling of been there done that. We can’t forget about the boring vehicle game play.

The big question is what can be done to salvage the future of Skylanders.

Yes, salvage it because the word has been getting around that there will be a sixth installment in the franchise.

Limit the new mechanics – First there were Giants followed by Swap Force. Each time they try to go in a completely different angle. While it is nice to see them try, they are finding it harder to make something unique.

Retain More Popular Characters – If you take a look at the roster from Skylanders Superchargers, you will see only four characters from the very first game. We think they would have had more success if the gamers could get attached to the characters more.

Develop Team Playing – Whether it is online gamplay or perhaps tandem attacks, it would bring more excitement to the game.

Hold of releasing it – Every year, a new Skylanders game has come out and lately it seems they are forcing it to meet the deadline.

If the next game does not turn things around, you can be sure it will be the swan song of Skylanders.

What do you think about the future of Skylanders and where the franchise going?

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