The Gambit and Rogue ARTFX Statues Are Better Than Perfect

Gambit and Rogue ARTFX

The original power couple from the 90’s is brought back by Kotobukiya.

The company has expanded on their X-Men collectible sets with this 1992 Gambit and Rogue ARTFX statue pairing that is second to none.

They already impressed us with their Wolverine and Jubilee set and it made sense to continue this line. Besides how could you know when these two tend to come to mind when you mention couples from the Marvel universe.

The statues are 1/10 scale and feature Gambit holding charged playing cards behind his back while Rogue is poised to take flight.

Here are a few more images of the Gambit and Rogue ARTFX statue set.


We have always loved Kotobukiya’s creations but hands down this has to be one of our favorite. You may say it is the nostalgia factor until you take a closer look at the statues.

For starters, the poses capture the essence of the characters and the finer details bring it home. Whether you are a fan of the animated series or not, this pair of statues brings you into their story.

If you are a fan of either X-Men, this is a must add to your collection. You can pre-order this from Koto for $89.99 and expect to see it around February 2019.

Let us know what you think of this Gambit and Rogue ARTFX statue set.

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