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The Incredibles 2: Well Worth the Wait

The Incredibles 2

Pixar has one of the best superhero families on the big screen.

The Increidbles 2 came out this week and, fourteen years after the first one but it looks like Pixar never skipped a beat.

Going into this movie, we hoped it would be on par with the original or at least LEGO Batman.

We will do our best to keep the Incredibles 2 review spoiler free.

For starters, Pixar did a great job with the script and how it picked up from the end of the first one. We also like how they explored  Mr. Incredible being the stay at home Dad.

There were some great scenes with Jack Jack and how he experiences plenty of different super powers.

One of our favorite characters from the first movie was Frozone and we are glad he had more screen time in the sequel.

Despite the love, there are a few things that didn’t sit well with us.


Now there are some things we like about the villain but some things stick out.

The biggest thing complaint about the villain is how it is pulled off. We do like the reason behind why they are the bad guy, but it is easy to spot from the beginning. We think the writers tried to get too creative by keeping them in plain sight.

Also at one point Screenslaver uses some technology to to gain control of some of the characters. The problem is the technology can be easily defeated.  You would think that Screenslaver would find a better way to ensure the master plan can succeed.

In the end, the movie was definitely worth the wait and we are glad to see a follow-up to one of our favorite Pixar movies.

What are your thoughts on the Incredibles 2?


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