The Kotobukiya Batman Thomas Wayne ARTFX Statue Looks the Part

Kotobukiya Batman Thomas Wayne

What if Bruce Wayne died in the alley that night?

The Kotobukiya Batman Thomas Wayne ARTFX statue is taken from the Flashpoint cross over arc where this time Thomas Wayne is the one left to grieve. 

The company has hit the mark several times in the past when basing the collectible on Batman, including the Gaslight by Gotham edition. We were not sure what to expect with this newest addition to the DC Comics line.

The 1/6 scale statue will stand roughly under twelve inches. It is based on the artwork by Andy Kubert. Here are a few more images of the statue.

To be transparent, we have only seen a few images from the comic book, but after taking a look at this statue, it makes us want to read it.

Kotobukiya made the right decision with the posture of Thomas Wayne. You can almost feel his right hand sliding back to his holstered sidearms. The cape feels like it is going to ripple to life with a soft wind.

We were not sure about the contrasting red but the more we examined the pictures, it definitely brought the statue to life. 

I never focus on the stand for the ARTFX statues, but this would be hard to pass up since it brings a gritty feel to it. We are going to give this one heavy consideration.

You can pre-order the statue from Kotobukiya for $139.99 and expect to see it around April 2021.

Would you consider picking up the Kotobukiya Batman Thomas Wayne ARTFX Statue for your collection?

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