The Last Free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is Here

Nintendo has announced the last free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is finally available for fans of the game.

To be the greatest hunter, you need to have worthy prey and you are sure to find it in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Whether you are going on a solo adventure or joining three other hunters, your skills will be tested.

To help keep you on your toes Nintendo has prepared the final part for the November DLC, which features the following.

12 new quests

3 new arena challenges

2 new GX armor sets

7 new masks

1 bonus Palico: Sanchez

1 new Poogie costumer: Disco ball

2 guild card backgrounds

7 guild card titles, including “The Monster Hunter”

Make sure you hop over and get the free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

To grab the content, make sure to connect your 3DS to the Internet and enter the in-game DLC menu and download away.

Good luck with your hunting.

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