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The Marvel Phase Four Delay May Be The Perfect Situation

Marvel Phase 4

Things sure look different as we head toward the middle of July.

No one expected there would be a Marvel Phase Four delay when 2020 started and some are still not sure when it will end but there is no reason to fret. 

We were excited for the next phase in the MCU. There were some interesting things going on behind the scenes along with the characters we were left with. Everyone was counting down the days until the Black Widow movie was release.

Then Covid-19 happened and the entire lines of movies was pushed back to maybe November 2021. 

The more we thought about it, the more we think it is a good thing the delay happened

Marvel has created a juggernaut with their MCU.

There were 23 movies over a 10 yer period. That is a lot to take in, especially if things kept going along at the same pace. They were asking people to invest in another two to three movies a year and who knows if they would have been able to keep up with the same quality character development. This delay will allow fans to focus on the next chapter in the MCU.

The emotional baggage.

It was there when Endgame finished. It hung around in Spider-man Far From Home. This time off has given us a chance to go back and appreciate how special the first three phases were for the MCU. All of the good and the bad. Now it feels like we are ready to move on.

Black Widow has her moment.

Two main heroes died in Endgame. Natasha died first but sometimes it seems like she was forgotten about when we saw Tony pass away.  At times it felt like her death was a blip on the radar. That gets to change now as her movie is going to kick off the next part of the MCU. Fans will get to focus on her story and see why she was an integral part of the Avengers. 

In the end, we think this time off is going to be a good thing. Black Widow is going to have a proper send off and we can start the cycle again of falling in love with the Marvel movies.

Do you think the Marvel Phase Four Delay is going to hurt or help the MCU?

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