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The Power Rangers Movie Is a Good Mix

Power Rangers Movie

You can forget what took place in the 1995 Power Rangers movie with this newest incarnation.

The new Power Rangers movie came out this weekend and it had us saying Go Go Power Rangers before it was over.

When we first heard about a new movie coming out, we were excited.

Before we move on to the review, make sure you check out the mid-credit scene if you catch it in theaters. Just so you know, the rest of the Power Rangers movie review contains minor spoilers.

We know the Power Ranger series does not always have great characters and the same could be said for the movie. However there were a trio of characters who caught our attention.

We love the performance of Rita Repulsa by Elizabeth Banks. She gave off a creepy vibe and a new level to the character, which was better than pointy bra.

The Blue Ranger was the one who made the story go. Sure the others ones may seem more impressive, but he kept the story moving forward.

Lastly there was Zordon. It was good to see how he changed throughout the movie and realized he was faulty with his own thinking.

We also liked how it showed the Rangers learning how to fight and use the Zords. Sure the learning curve was quickly overcome, but that is to be expected.

But there were some negatives with the Power Rangers movie.

We liked seeing Goldar on the screen but we would have loved to see him be more than just a non-speaking minion. We feel there was some lost potential there.

Another issue we had were some of the glaring plot holes. Mainly it involved Rita and how she found the Yellow Ranger and how she was aware of what the Blue Ranger knew.

Overall we think any Power Rangers fan should check the movie out in a theater if possible. If you are fringe fan at best, you can wait to see it on DVD.

If you had a chance to see the new Power Rangers movie, let us know what you thought.

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